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Cant Add New Users to Persistent Chat Rooms in Skype For Business

My manager asked me to add a new user to one of our Persistent Chat rooms. Since we hadn’t used this particular room yet, I was happy to do so. (It meant starting up a new project!) However I encountered a minor issue in the form of an Invalid Member message. Now this was curious.… Read More »

Skype Technical Support Number 1-855-246-7555

Can You Remove the PIN from Skype for Business Dial-In Conferencing? Hmmm. Removing the PIN entirely? Id never considered this before. Was it even possible? Time to find out! First: How to Control PINs in Skype for Business You enter a PIN when joining a Skype Meeting via Dial-In Conferencing.  Its your authentication letting you… Read More »

Skype Customer Support Number 1-855-246-7555

Skype Customer Support For XTEL-2014 Skype Desktop Phone The superb XTEL-2014 Skype desktop phone. Works independently on your computer. Skype directly on your phone! XTEL-2014 is an easy to use desktop phone for Skype. Now you can chat with your friends using Skype for free or use SkypeOut at very reasonable prices. The phone does not… Read More »

Skype Technical Support 1-855-246-7555

Skype Technical Support For WiFi Edge-Core WM4201 It is a wireless phone that uses WiFi networks, with which you can skype even when the computer is off. The only condition is to cover the wifi signal. It can also be used at airports, restaurants, work, school, office, or all signal areas. With this phone, you… Read More »

Skype Customer Support Phone Number 1-855-246-7555

Patented technology known as silk codec, an audio compression format and audio codec developed by Skype Limited, provides for unmatched superior voice clarity. It was developed for use in Skype, as a replacement for the SVOPC codec. Since licensing out, it has also been used by others and has been extended to the Internet standard… Read More »